Issue 3

Sassafras Literary Magazine issue 3 - Sep. 30th

(issue 3- pdf)


L.S Bassen – Vixen, October
Michael Brownstein – The Sound of Fear Latein the Midnight Hour,
When You Die, Can You Still See The Moon?

Wayne F Burke – White Lines, Rat
Sam Caldwell – Below The Dock
Valentina Cano – The Wait, Missing an Ocean
Rose - Anne Chabot – For Jeanne
Sara Flemington – My Palm

Gabriella M Geisinger - Exit 13, Set Adrift                  
Christopher Hivner – Extra Credit, Manifesto
Alex Rieser – Everything’s the Cause Nowadays,
The Thing That Saying Nothing Says, Mantes That Summer
Tom Sheehan - Born to Wear the Rags of War
Dylan Wagman – Ice


Tom Darin Liskey – Watershed
Tom Sheehan – Searching for Mushrooms and Trolley Cars
Jeroen van Honk – Something in the Air


John Brantingham – Graham Greene Saved Me That Year
Optimism One - Five Photos, Nine Lives


Miko Maciaszek - Instagramming, Dusk Trap, Ghosts
Mike Stanko - October

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