Gabriella M Geisinger – Exit 13, Set Adrift

Exit 13

Last night we drove along
a one a.m. expressway.

Unfamiliar hands

a four door
american made

And we, In the back seat like children,
without seatbelts — a folly —
but your arm
around my shoulders.

In the face of such expedient danger —
eighty miles per hour —

Set Adrift

I have never seen someone
control a car
so well
from touching.

Touching is good – most people

Like the tentative touch of our elbows
on that first “date”
when we saw World War Z
and you laughed at me
because I didn’t know
it was a zombie movie.

I thought “Z” — the last letter!
the last war!
the war! to end all wars!

“No. Z for Zombies.”

Or the touch of a bear hug.
Like the one I get
from the guys at work
who don’t know
we’re fucking.
Or who do know we’re fucking
and just don’t give a fuck.

I wouldn’t.

Or the feeling of your hips
against mine.
Even the rugburn
on my back
from your brother’s basement floor.
And the faint memory
of your fingers
unhooking my bra
like a safe cracker,
and sliding my favourite pair
of underwear
down my legs.

Not the touch of tons of steel
upon tons of steel
at eighty
miles per hour.

Even my better judgement
which said
“Don’t cuddle closer to him,
you fucking idiot.
Put on your god damned seat belt
because even though
it might be
a giant
mesh (mesh?)
cock block
it’ll save your life”
was no match

for my recently sated self

was somehow
to yours
at the faintest memory
of the tiniest touches
and the ghosts of
we shared.


Gabriella Geisinger is a 24-year-old New Yorker, relocated to London to pursue her masters in Creative Writing at City University London. She has eclectic tastes in music and poetry, favouring Dylan Thomas. She has contributed to and, amongst others. A former competitive swimmer, Gabriella doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach – she would much rather be in the water.


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