Submission guidelines

Wish list:

Poetry: 1-3 poems of 1-20 lines

Prose poetry also wanted,  1-3 pages per submission

Fiction:  Flash fiction up to 1000 words, flashling 10 to 500 words

Nonfiction: Narrative, interview, fact box (make it count!), memoir moments (one scene) creative lists

First pages of novels to come: fiction or nonfiction

Other: Science illustration, amazing  Q & A’s, music playlists with caption, time documents

Art : Digital collage, photo, drawings, letterheads, selfies (if unique), doodles and charts, if artful [art ATTACHMENTS (files) are accepted but please keep them small]

Multiple submissions are allowed, but single submissions are preferred. Please limit the multiple submission to no more than 3 different categories, and feel free to submit once monthly. The guidelines for each category are to be applied.

Submit your best stand-alone and carefully selected work (no attachments) to:

Sassafras will frown or smile upon your piece, and reply within  4 weeks with a muffin or a tumbleweed.

No attachments, files, docs or ducks will be read



29 thoughts on “Submission guidelines

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  2. how do you consider prose poetry? As poetry and limitrd to 20 lines, or as narrative nonfiction and/or memoir moments.
    Or would that fall into the “other” categories?

    • Hi Carolyn! Multiple submissions are allowed, but single submissions are preferred. Please limit the multiple submission to no more than 3 different categories, and feel free to submit once monthly. The guidelines for each category are to be applied. Thank you for asking! (I’ll add this info to the sub’ guidelines).

    • My email reply also bounces. Please try resending from another account, like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo? also try removing any links and attached files, the email provider spam filter refuses those at times.. Thanks,

    • Hi Elsa,

      at this moment I have a backlog on the submissions, meaning the response time is 4 weeks+, and some submissions are older due to the increased amount of submissions and the careful selection process.

      My apologies to all who are waiting for a reply, I am working to get up to speed asap. The response time listed on the website is also changed to 4 weeks from Nov/Dec.

  3. if you refuse attachments, and don’t allow anything in the body of the email. What are you looking for treasure hunters? Explain in clear concise detail exactly how a story goes to the editor. Treasure hunting is not my forte. Thank you. Perplexed in Connecticut.

    • Hi James! Sorry you feel that way about the submission guidelines. Let me explain;

      1. No attachments – for initial submissions of writing. I do ask for all writing to be inside the body of the email.
      The email inbox has limited capacity and attachments would render it full- and all submissions will be bouncing back to sender.

      2.Art submissions are welcome in small files – images as low-res files initially. File size matters.

      3. When a piece is accepted for Sassafras – naturally, I will accept a text file for correct formatting. It’s just the initial submissions can’t be attachments, the inbox would be useless…

      4. I need to have specific guidelines, as I have no chance of handling all types/volumes of writing. I won’t be able to find the time to work with a 60 page manuscript, or genres that don’t match the scope/intention of Sassafras. This is also out of respect for the writers who submit, not to waste their time.

      I understand that these guidelines may not be suitable/acceptable for every writer, that’s the downside of narrowing the scope.


  4. Hello Miranda – It has been over two months since I submitted my short story and have not yet received a ‘muffin’ or ‘tumbleweed’.

    • Hi Bill!
      Very sorry for the long wait – I’m the solo editor,I’ve been short of time to manage SSFRS – (two jobs & some other matters to handle). You will have a notice before this week is over. Thank you for the patience, and your politeness. I will change the reply time in the guidelines, and listings (Duotrope, New Pages) for future reference.


      • Thanks Miranda. I can well understand your situation, having been a solo editor myself of a small poetry (paper) magazine in the 1990s. ‘best, Bill

      • Thanks Bill – for being so understanding. I’ll reply to the submission(s) as fast as I can. /Miranda

  5. Hey Miranda,

    Just asking, what happens to our work? Do you only check it and tell us if it’s good? Or do you actually publish it onto a magazine or some sort? Do we get paid or is it a free-share?

    Sorry, I’m just a bit confused.

    • Hi Ella!

      The magazine is dormant and does not publish at this time.
      To answer your questions; when the magazine is open, I publish the content on the website (WordPress) and as a PDF with original artwork. There’s also a page up at Issu, for easy viewing and sharing.

      I try not to tell anyone if the writing is good or bad, not my call, but I have to be selective and only use the pieces that are right for a very small magazine with a distinct style/form.

      There is no chance I could pay the writers, unfortunately, and the magazine is free to share.
      It took many, many days of reading, editing, formating and line editing to put together 20- 60 pages of poetry and artwork.

      Most of the time I had to change the Markup/tags in the online text editor. (simplified code)

      At this time submissions are not read or acknowledged. This will change when the mag opens in the future.

      Thanks for asking, I hope you got the info you wanted.

      All best,

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