Sassafras Literary Magazine is managed by one editor.

Editor and founder: Miranda Holmqvist, journalist, creative writer, media producer, based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Freelance journalist, web reporter, editor and creative writer. My educational background include journalism studies (JMK, Stockholm University) studies of ICT at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), languages, applied journalism and cultural anthropology.

Mission statement

The purpose of this magazine is to promote new voices and to share new writing. This website is a place to collect and connect new works that may or may not have something in common. The experience belong to the reader.

Sassafras is a jar, a vessel, a window and a vehicle, with every new issue, a body of contradiction, dissonance, texture, a split entity. Sassafras is a mongrel, a changing beast, a figure within reach.

There are no commercial interests involved in this project, nor does the editor receive financial or material compensation in any way as a result of this venture.

The magazine does not pay its contributors. The intention is to launch a small, limited print edition after a period of 6 months. The magazine will, within the next six months, expand its publishing activity online to include a writing contest, and a small chapbook compilation. This will require the editor to engage a small team of editorial staff members, working part part-time online on a volunteer basis. A call for volunteers will be posted one month prior to this arrangement.


The editor will not publish work of family or friends, colleagues or personal acquaintances. The selection process is based entirely on the merit of the written work, as perceived by the editor. The selection process include a careful  reading  (often 2) and a quick analysis of the written work. Artwork is selected based on artistic qualities, and accepted in relation to the need of visual images for the upcoming issues.

The littlest litmag in the world?

The tagline ‘The littlest litmag in the world’ is referring to the minimal staff of one person, dedicating part part-time to compose the magazine. It is also the intended concept to try to keep the magazine based on shorter work, small in volume, high impact.


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