Sassafras Literary Magazine is that one peculiar friend. He or she may, or may not, resemble a tabletop and smell like burnt caramel. Sometimes Sassafras is just like you.

This littlest litmag in the world is looking for contributors: writers, poets, visual artists, magicians.

Send your best and most minimalistic work. Measure words in four-legged animals, number of heads, escape routes, no frill.

Beauty is accepted if in disguise, in transition, in cardboard boxes, teeth and unfamiliar colors.


The  online magazine will be updated with a new digital issue every other Monday. EDIT- November: New publishing frequency is MONTHLY, on the last Monday of the month.

In the future Sassafras would like to present a chapbook and even a small print edition, but this will not be possible during the first 6-12 months.

You give us permission to publish your material once online, and to keep your submission archived. We claim no copyright to any of the submitted material, as  we do not offer monetary compensation.

All rights revert back to the author or artist upon publication , we just please ask that you mention us as ‘first published in Sassafras Literary Magazine’, with a link,  if you are later re- publishing the same material.

Go ahead, send me your best

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Quick question re submissions. I see that that you accept first pages of novels-in-progress. This is listed under nonfiction. Can you clarify? Love your magazine!

    • Hi Sandy, thanks, glad to hear you like the mag,

      on the submission categories, (first pages of novels) both fiction and nonfiction is welcome & wanted. I’ll add a comment to the sub’ guidelines.

      Thanks for asking!

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