Carol Tyx – Tomatoes on Windowsill, Garage



Tomatoes on Windowsill

Fullness to fullness

like beads on a string

not perfect roundness

not copies, each

its own being, a slightly

flattened curve,  a bulge

subtle differences in color

coral, brick, somewhere

on the orange to red scale

every day deepening

maybe like us

if we could hold still

long enough in the sheen

of morning light.



You look out the back window

at the garage sheathed

in snow, the roofline gleaming

against the indigo skyline.


The sag has returned—if it ever left—

the old wood bowing to the weight

of snow and  moonlight on this last night

of the year, all the jockeying up,


the reinforced beams, the additional

crosshatches of the previous summer

useless under the weight


of so much beauty.



Carol Tyx teaches writing and American literature at Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Her work has most recently been published in RHINO, Poetry East, Water-Stone Review, Iowa City’s Poetry in Public, and Rising to the Rim, published by Brick Road Poetry Press.  On any given day you might find her cooking with kale, contra dancing, or standing on her head.



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