Allison Hymas – Warning, Domestic


The chicken nuggets may burn your fingers. May cause ghost vanilla soft serve and hot fudge to scald and freeze your tongue. Possible side effects include sticky-slick crayon sketches on paper tablecloths and your mother, smiling, her hand on her soap-bubble belly. Inside, she says, is a new sister, a wrapped gift with a name tag but no encyclopedia entry. If effects continue, ride into the summer in a cloud of Old Spice and car exhaust.


When my someday husband comes home

I won’t be waiting by the Cuisinart,

apron a garden of daisies,

cherry pie in my hands.

My pie would be raspberry,

or strawberry with pineapple chunks.

As it bakes, I will slide around the kitchen

in fuzzy socks and a lime-green apron with

his floured handprint on my hip,

singing “Barracuda”

until I bang my elbow on the corner of the oven.






Allison Hymas is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University with a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Her work has been published in FLARE: The Flagler Review.


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