Nancy Correro – Pursuit of The Other Side, New Life in the 21st Century

 Pursuit of the Other Side


Wafers of fur, bone, and skin—

these animals on the road run down.

If forced to drive over them,

the car lifts a whisper.

Sometimes spines are exposed,

chests poured out—

peeled pomegranates.

Some flash a smile—

blowfly cavities—

where lips recede.

Highway signs give warnings—

when to cross and what crosses.

Out there, only the coyote and vulture

do the undertaking.


New Life in the 21st Century


Several new species were discovered

near Antarctica. Marine biologists refer

to the conglomeration as a “riot of life.”

Along the seams

of tectonic plates,

chimneys of molten magma

gurgle black smoke.

Hundreds of albino

species ghost about

the vaporous vents—

a photograph negative.

Leagues below, a home that houses

Yeti crabs as white as bones,

octopi with no camouflage,

starfish white as stars

in the night sky.

Such a strange volcanic brew

feeds and enchants

these sea bound specters.

They hover around the fiery abyss–

gluttonous chimeras of the deep.


Nancy Correro calls the Mississippi Delta and Atlanta, GA home as she was raised equal portions both places. Currently, she resides near the Chattahoochee Watershed in Roswell, GA and finds inspiration hiking the Big Creek trails. She has an MFA from McNeese State University.

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