Jeremy Nathan Marks – The Conversation, The Moon

The conversation


The body, in conversation with itself,
is moved by cool, funneled air

It drifts like the leaves do
disassembling things

To see trees as congeries
to sit beneath them

To imagine that leaves are falling
because they are failing

And then to turn inward
and miss the conversation all the while-

The Moon


I have perfectly measured the contours
of my body by bouncing numbers off of
the moon

Some persons will bounce light, will
turn giddy when it returns to them
as though it were theirs

I used the moon to find out where I
ended, not where I began –






Jeremy Nathan Marks is a Marylander (American) who has been living in Canada since 2006. By moving away from his native land he has somehow become more closely connected with his roots. Poetry, photography and wild nature are his Muses. His poetry and photography have appeared in numerous places including The Blue Hour, Lake: A journal of arts and environment, the Wilderness House Literary Review, The Camel Saloon and Front Porch Review. Three of his poems will appear in the 2014 winter edition of Poetry Pacific. Jeremy lives with his wife Michelle and their animal family in London, Ontario. You can follow him at his blog:


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