Gerard Sarnat – The Competition, Mendicino May Weekends

The Competition


One forty over ninety, not bad for a sixty-three year-old rising from the can, glancing back to look hard for red; jealous of a man dying of leukemia, my wife’s first lover some time before I met and wed her four decades past;

she reads his website each night before bed to be certain if he still is (not sure what to make of his not answering emails since last week); I scan the newspapers every day for MR’s obit, which I imagine will lead with the sentence:

“Died at seventy-three, LZ’s Teaching Assistant at Berkeley,
a charismatic bookish fellow and ne’er-do-well cradle robber.


Mendicino May Weekends


Spring after spring redwoods and ocean look unchanged but not our bodies
now in their sixties which stuffed
in the same skintight bike shorts & wetsuits as decades past shamelessly no regrets still cycle boogie-board & hot tub bare-assed feeling a bit stiffer each year.




Gerard Sarnat is the author of two critically acclaimed poetry collections, HOMELESS CHRONICLES from Abraham to Burning Man, and Disputes. A Stanford and Harvard-trained physician, CEO of healthcare organizations and Stanford professor, Gerard’s been published in over seventy journals and anthologies. For Huffington Post’s review and more, visit Gerard

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