Steve Klepetar – A Silence, Laughing at the Leaves

A Silence


It began with a lost

word, syllable swallowed

in sea spray

or wind. Someone cut it

loose from the walls

of my tongue, a hopeless gasp.

Someone let it drop, penny

from the sixtieth

floor, physics of weight

buried in a forehead of rock.

Remember that absence

of sound (someone cut it loose…)

less a sigh

than a croak stranded

in the throat’s

raw flesh, less a wash

of new light than a terrible

blink, bright rip in the fabric of sky.



Laughing at the Leaves


He stands at the base

of an old oak, armor-tough

bark broken in three

places, yellow leaves raining

down, covering his stained

blue jacket with their bright

palms. His mouth hangs

open and he snorts, laughing

in mist at this wet, golden fall –

quite happy, quite merrily

mad as afternoon drizzles

slowly into muddy night.




Steve Klepetar’s latest collections are Speaking to the Field Mice from Sweatshoppe Publications and Blue Season, a chapbook collaboration with Joseph Lisowski from mgv2>publishing.


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