Seth Howard – Stepping Through The Door

Stepping Through The Door


Moments before I found myself stepping
Through the door, I find myself, moments before
I’m stepping through, and time holds its breath
I’m holding time, the sound of my breath

Before I step through, holds itself for a moment
Before rewinding time, the motion captured
In the passing through, I’m stepping, while
The captured motion passes for something else
I know, the sound of my steps, as I’m letting go
That vicious circle, follows through, comes
Back around, while something else in passing
Speaks of going where we let ourselves

Let go, when in passing, cease the constant

Motion of the vicious cycle, else we find
In passing something back just moments before
I find myself stepping silent through the door






Seth Howard is a poet out of New London CT. His new chapbook OUT OF THE EAST focuses on his time spent abroad in Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan where he traveled extensively. His work has appeared in Big Hammer, Burp, The Scope, Elephant, and is soon to appear in Unarmed Journal. Whereas his last chapbook centered on the powers of reminiscence, much of his newer work is concerned with the concept of “disruptive language,” and is more experimental.



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