Maureen Kingston – The Threshold Dream, Dementia Aspic

The Threshold Dream


It can’t be conjured, drops in

on the wings of whim, swims

in the euphony of amnion-falls.

The setting? Always the same:

October, a red cottage on an oxbow,

the surprise cleft of summer heat.

I awaken naked, wound in sweaty

sheets, besotted with expectancy,

eager for escape, to be out-of-doors.

But I hesitate. My infant feet

are thin-skinned, unblemished.

A few steps past the threshold

are all I ever manage, before my

tender soles succumb, split open

like new potatoes, greedily absorb

the slate’s buttery warm face.



Dementia aspic


I pour her
white matter
into a chilled
glass bowl,
dissolve it
with boiling
water, add
ice cubes
to thicken.
The savory
brain jelly
her dried
her dormant
memory seeds,
until they burst
forth in desert
bloom, fleeting
ghost flowers
clinging to
gully walls.



(Dementia Aspic was first published in Triggerfish Critical Review, 2010)

Maureen Kingston is an assistant editor at The Centrifugal Eye. Her poems and prose have appeared or are forthcoming in Big River Poetry Review, Blue Earth Review, Gargoyle, Gutter Eloquence Magazine, Stone Highway Review, Tattoo Highway, and


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