Justin Million – Convent, The Fourth Act


Rolling boulders through

a silk screen.


The Fourth Act


If there was a movie,

Half would be looking out the window.

She walked out a while back. Somehow

In these cracked places people are supposed to grow;

I’m all crawled in, undisturbed,

A simple hole (no such thing)-

Been without work

A few weeks, starting to feel this

Central Ontario pinch; no rich relatives,

No one to just give up and wait for,

So my world is

A tall can

Of mirrors.

A hard year. Had to watch

Her pull away, move into him. Okay.

I’ll take my eternity out on his,

I think, walking home just after New Year’s,

Waiting for a change,

A snowy note I find

On the sidewalk out front of the new place:

P.S. Your dog is gone –

I should call someone…  





( The Fourth Act was first published in CONDUITCANADA, Jan 2013)

Justin Million is from Peterborough, Ontario, now living and writing in Ottawa. His work has appeared in ottawater, The Steel Chisel, In/Words, and The Moose and Pussy. Justin has had two books published by Ottawa’s Apt. 9 press and a variety of chapbooks published by In/Words.


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