Lavinia Andrei Jennings – Harp



(From The Paraguayan Harp)



Harp – cradle of the song – hand

rocking the infant tune – a fringed scarf

over the song for fear of sudden flight.


Contained in the sounds, the silence –

rainbow skin, mirror eyes – hidden

like sleep in a child’s brow.


Inside the silence, a landscape –

encircled by horizons, torn

by knee and heel – fields of slowly-aging people,

in garments of clay beads and stained glass,

hands raised against the sun, irises engraved

with the sharpness of light.

They dwell in the silence

in the belly of the song.


At dusk they bow, yearning

for the fringed scarf to stir,

the harp to quiver, the rocking be still,

the hand tranquil – at the song’s sudden flight.



Lavinia Andrei Jennings comes from Romania and has published poetry, poetic prose and reviews in The Bitter Oleander, New Millennium Writings, Pilgrimage, Cistercian Studies Quarterly, Clay Pot Review.


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