Jamie Feldman – Souvenirs from Our Anniversary Trip to Paris

Souvenirs from Our Anniversary Trip to Paris



– Two ticket stubs from our overnight flight to Charles de Gaulle International Airport

– One extra packet of mini pretzels courtesy of Sheri, our flight attendant

– A map of Paris from our hotel lobby

– A key chain of the Eiffel Tower

– That caricature drawing Jennie made us sit for somewhere in Montmartre

– The cork from our celebratory bottle of Champaign

– The cork from out celebratory bottle of Merlot

– A napkin with directions back to our hotel written in blue ink

– The hotel keycard I thought I lost

– My new wallet to replace the one that was stolen on the metro

– A postcard of the Moulin Rouge

– A pink lipstick kiss on the collar of my white shirt

– A few wayward petals from the bouquet of sunflowers that Jennie threw at me that morning

– Another map of Paris from the hotel lobby

– A crushed macaroon

– Half a dozen stale croissants

– The box from a pair of diamond earrings for Jennie

– My copy of the Louvre’s visitor’s guide

– The cork from our celebratory bottle of Shiraz

– A pair of black panties

– The unreturned keycard from my new hotel room

– A hotel notepad with an unknown phone number written in red ink

– Two unused train tickets to Versailles

– Three unused metro passes

– A bottle of absinth

– Half of a candy bar with French writing on the label

– Six euros

– One return ticket home





Jamie Feldman is a writer/playwright from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her writing has appeared on stage in places such as The Atlantic Fringe and Sydney AU’s Short+Sweet Fest, and in print in places like Scissors & Spackle, Every Day Fiction, The Higgs Weldon, and The Green Bike Anthology.


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