Chelene Knight – If Teeth Could Talk

If Teeth Could Talk


In this final hour

the gums numb.

Buttery tongues taste

the blood,

like flavour enhancers.


Sapphire eyes drift

to thoughts—slicing the throats

of bleeding evening skies

as cheeks grow round and ruby.

Please suction these rivers

of the microscopic.


Alveolar bone

surrounds the root,

anchors it in place.

Permission granted.

Slice the apex.


Raw on top of raw,

the heavens open—

Go ahead.

Bond my surface.



Chelene Knight is a student at SFU’s The Writer’s Studio in the Poetry Cohort. She has been writing poetry in secret since she was a kid and is now compiling a poetry manuscript. Her poetry is deeply rooted through learning and accepting her struggles being of mixed ethnicity and her experiences from childhood to adulthood. She stands strong in her chosen position as a young, hardworking single parent. Chelene writes from the ear—finding inspiration within every soulful lyric, sound, rhythm and beat.


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