An energetic little beast waiting – wanted: experimental

The Sassafras crop is looking terrific! Issue two will be an energetic little beast.

With less than a week to go until issue 2 is due, the structure is ready. This issue will be different from the first, but in a good way, I hope.

New works are continuously delivered to the Sassafras ‘up for consideration’ mailbox, and there’s a mosaic of styles, voices and themes to consider. I’m enjoying being tossed from one reading experience to another, from the impression of one voice to another, another setting, another pain, joy, memory, concept, construction.

For issue 3, Sep 30th, I would still like to see some more experimental submissions, well crafted but different in form and medium.

How about sending me your (short) audio story? An extraordinary Vine sequence? A mixed media collage, an outstanding game character? A photo essay in very few frames? Anything you made up, if unique?

Sassafras is always looking for writing, words, and words in new arrangements.

PS. A reminder on practicalities, no attachments, please, copy the text submission inside the body of the email. For artworks/other, keep the files small, low res, in your initial query.

PS. II. The site just got a message box saying ‘there will occasionally be ads shown in this space’. In the meantime, there’s always A-d-B-lock.

‘Hare and Tabor’ – The Everyday Book and Table Book, William Hone, 1826, London (CC)


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