Proudly presenting the first issue of Sassafras – thank you!

Thank you, all writers!

Just a brief note to tell you all how happy I am with the first issue of Sassafras, and what a thrill it is to see all this inspiring writing come together in this first collection.

The outcome of this very first issue of Sassafras is organic, and very diverse, in themes, voices and writers backgrounds, as well as rich in cultural influences and languages.

I’m very impressed by all the great submissions I have received, well beyond my expectations, and I hope to publish a lot more in the issues to come.


[edit: Sassafras is now on Facebook: link]

PS. The very first submission to Sassafras Literary Magazine arrived via old school postal service (it never happens!) in a large, bright orange envelope. To my surprise it contained a nice written piece and some references to online material, and that is how I came across the artwork for the first issue. I find it  amazing that a submission has been transferred from the all analogue to the digital, hopefully, to be available to many.

PS.II  Please open the PDF file of the magazine with a single page view, it does open that way from the desktop, (not when opened directly from WordPress). The 2-page spread view doesn’t seem to be possible to change, once in WordPress. Let me know if you know the trick!

Thanks to the writers who contributed to the first issue:

Amy Attas
Guy R. Beining

Carly Breault
Tessa J Brown
Wayne Burke
Alyssa Cooper

Will Fawley
Miguel Gardel
John Grey
Linda Hegland
Desirée Jung

Victoria Martinez
rob mclennan
Corey Mesler
Dora Mushka
Linda Nguyen
Kenneth Pobo


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