Tessa J Brown – Foundations


The building’s foundation lies open in
the gap between the shops. It is a tomb,
a monument to the things people did
in it before it was called upon to
serve some new purpose. Wire fences grin
too widely, and I ask myself for whom
the first place was made, and if they counted
on it to stand the test of time. And who
among them came to see its end? Working
in Spain I sought out a mausoleum
from ancient times and found my shoulders’ girth
too wide. The tomb’s foundation, too, would burst
before it could hold all our worlds. Building
will begin, and soon the tomb will become
a womb and another place will spring forth
and be as temporary as the first.

Bio: Tessa J. Brown is a Montreal-based writer of prose and poetry. Her horror fiction has been published in the anthology Re-Vamp, edited by Die Booth and LC Hu, and her short story “Escape” is  a part of the upcoming anthology Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.


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