Desirée Jung – Taking a Deep Breath on Peculiar Days

Taking a Deep Breath on Peculiar Days

His father’s homosexuality bothers him

Even though he’s old. He takes sides with his mother.

Hospitalized in a care facility, his deliriums include his lovers,

Imaginary, because he doesn’t recognize anyone anymore.

In disharmony, he laments having abandoned them.

The hospital director, sitting in the entrance,

Welcomes Gustavo, who repeats his line again,

Like an echo. He often resists when visiting his father

and his resistance is a subtleness of his interactions.

The music in the hallways, as if a band was playing,

despite his misery, makes his sadness sound improbable.

“How is your father today,” is the question that persists.

Bio: Desirée Jung is a writer and translator who spends her time between languages, Portuguese and English, and countries, Canada and Brazil. When not writing, she likes to go out for long walks and have warm talks with friends.


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