Alyssa Cooper – Towards the Light, Goodbye Kiss

Towards the Light

The trouble with you and me is that I was already looking for a ride home when I saw your car gliding by. I was so desperate to get in out of the cold. I never thought to check that you were the right driver before I belted myself in for our tumultuous journey. I just held on. I ground my teeth and set my jaw, and I refused to cry out as I waited in vain for the shadowy road ahead to finally turn towards the light.

Goodbye Kiss

I found the last cup you drank from on my windowsill last night, tucked behind a stack of books that had allowed it to remain hidden for the weeks and weeks that you’ve been gone. I was struck by the spiderweb lines of Chapstick your lip had left on the glass; I touched the tip of my finger to them, blurring them under the weight of my desperation. When I lifted my finger to my nose, I could smell the strawberries that had always rested on your lilting laugh. I rubbed the old wax into my bottom lip, and I swear, I could taste you. When I pressed my mouth to the mark your lips had left behind, it was almost like kissing you goodbye.

Bio: Alyssa Cooper, born in Belleville Ontario, is a writer with a passion for literary fiction and free verse poetry. Her first novel, Salvation, (Melange Books) was released in 2012. Her debut poetry collection, Cold Breath of Life, will be released in the winter of 2013. Alyssa is working as a designer in Belleville, where she lives with her vintage typewriters and her personal library.


2 thoughts on “Alyssa Cooper – Towards the Light, Goodbye Kiss

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